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Introductory Session  $35

This is a 60-90 minute presentation that instructs on the basics of charting your cycle with the Creighton Model System. Materials needed to begin tracking your cycles can be purchased for $45 after the introductory session. The full Creighton Model System is typically learned within one year, but can be implemented at the first session.

Follow-Up Session  $40

There are eight follow-ups in the first year of learning the system, and then every six months thereafter. These are structured to allow you to gain quick confidence in the system to ensure your success. Each follow-up lasts 60-90 minutes and goes over your observational routine with review and correction of your chart and instructions on system application based on your intention in using the system.

Follow-Up Schedule


Follow-Ups 1-4: every 2 weeks

Follow-Up 5: after 1 month

Follow-Ups 6-8: every 3 months

*The schedule for individual clients may be adapted to best serve client's needs

Fees subject to change without notice

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